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Thread Face Lift

Thread Face Lift

Advancement in medical science has brought many non-invasive procedures to solve a number of skin concerns of people. Among those, Thread Lift  is becoming popular day by day as it is dealing significantly with major issues of skin – sags, and folds. It works by lifting facial profile, restoring firmness, and raising the levels of collagen & elastin for giving a youthful appearance. It has been also believed that thread lift also tightens the skin and increases blood supply that in turn smooth and glowing texture to the face. Even the cost is quite reasonable that other traditional procedures.

Who Is Candidate?

This cosmetic treatment helps many individuals by rejuvenating their skin. You can be elected for an ideal candidacy of Non-Invasive Thread Lift Treatment if:

  • You are not under 18
  • You have drooping facial features
  • Your facelift effects are wearing off
  • You’ve positive assumptions for the treatment
  • Your aging signs (lines, crow’s feet) cause stress
  • You have weak muscles that are forming hanging skin

Aim of Treatment:

Thread Lift Treatment aims to achieve a redefined and rejuvenated appearance by lifting the skin. It is one of the latest technologies for creating desire facial contour by facial retightening and collagen regeneration. Besides lifting, it also aims to replace the depleted volume of the face that starts to decrease overage.


  • Gives tight and plumper skin
  • Helps in cosmetic enhancement
  • Gives the immediate lifted appearance
  • Restores volume and rejuvenates skin
  • Neutralizes Chances of Explicit Stretching


As compared to more intensive techniques, Thread Lift delivers noticeable improvements immediately. It can be a unique quick fix that delivering long-lasting outcomes after treating any area of the face including jawline, cheeks, eye-brows, neck, or malar area (area of cheekbone). Generally, most of the patients of SKN have reported that they achieved lifting and tightening effects of the face. Results vary among individuals and usually last for 12-24 months.